Our Mission

Central Valley Volleyball Club was established February 2008 with the intention to promote volleyball as a competitive sport in the Gallatin Valley.  The club is guided by a Board of Directors.  All board members are volunteers that are dedicated to the advancement of volleyball and the improvement of the players’ skills.  Participation in club volleyball will create a desire in our players to succeed and excel with the philosophy of doing one’s absolute best and to deal with any outcome with dignity and grace.

Participation in these activities is voluntary and can bring students many rewards. Participation requires the athlete to make a commitment to the activity, submit to the discipline of the coach, and develop the self-discipline to be successful. Participation requires considerable mental discipline and or physical exertion and conditioning, as well as adherence to training rules and team regimens. Involvement in club volleyball provides athletes with an opportunity to be involved in a constructive venture. Athletes who are involved in activities tend to be good citizens and also perform better in the academic arena. The goal is to have the athlete walk away from their volleyball careers with a more positive feeling about their experience and gain knowledge that will assist them throughout their entire lives. Parents should encourage and support their children throughout this journey, but should also allow the experience of club be their athlete’s own experience.

Central Valley Volleyball Club believes that participation in volleyball is a privilege extended to the athletes who are willing to make the commitment to adhere to the rules that govern the program. The club believes that participation in organized activities can contribute to the all-around development of young women.

Our Board

President: Todd Goulet
Coaches, Contracts, & Sponsorships

Treasurer: Travis Hartman

Secretary: Katie Maroney
Sponsorships & Fundraising

Tournament Director: Lacey Heppner
Tournaments & Sponsorships

Members at Large: